What is Labor, HR and Employment Law?

Labor, HR and Employment Law outlines the rights and duties of workers, employers and labor unions. Please contact us today for more information.

Check out our blog posts on Labor, HR and Employment Law:

  • How good is your HR vocabulary? – It’s time for a quiz.  Do you know the meaning of the following words and phases as used in the HR arena?  1) Employment at will, 2) Wrongful Discharge, 3) Layoff, 4) Just Cause, 5) Probationary Period and 6) Constructive Discharge.
  • Work Place Monitoring – Can an employer video employees at work, can an employer electronically record an employee’s conversation, can the employer listen in on an employee’s phone conversations, can an employer search the employee’s computer, and can an employer search the employee’s desk
  • Workplace Defamation – Can you think of three work place interactions where your comments have the potential to defame an employee?  Most of us can easily name one – – giving an employee reference. How about a work place meeting and a company newsletter?